As human beings, we are all powered by emotions, not by reason. We don't always realize it, but emotions play a strong role in the decision-making process. That’s why making people feel good about your brand is the key to success.   

My Name is Krystsina Uradzimskaya, I am the founder of Amazon Social - a service that focuses on connecting customers with brands through visual and auditory sensations, and genuine emotions. 

My mission is to get emotions back into the business through social media. This is why Amazon Social’s concept is to integrate creativity and passion into social media marketing. 

Thanks to our desire to stand out, we focus on providing the best marketing solution for your product, not the biggest. 

We strive to come up with result-driven social media marketing strategies and develop creative advertising solutions to boost your sales and bring in new leads, to help accelerate your business growth and grow your online visibility. Through our creative and interactive custom-made stories for your Facebook and IG, you can turn your customers into brand addicts. 

Still thinking?! Connect with us and watch your audience grow considerably. 

What sets us apart
We use intelligence-based organic marketing and result-driven social media strategies to provide you with dramatic business results that stem from our ability to influence your future and current customers’ behavior wherever they are online. Our unique and targeted approach to marketing combines different strategies across multiple platforms, detailed data analysis, and implementation with a direct focus on your brand and your customers’ needs.
Our vision
Amazon Social is committed to working with your brand’s needs to create and enhance your online connections through digital marketing. We’re focused on changing the way people interact with brands. This is why we look to provide the most interactive tools and resources to connect clients and brands anywhere there is an internet connection.

Our Team